Born and bred in Nevada,

Our company has the obligation and desire to do right by our neighbors. We are local, rooted Nevadans, with many years of active participation in the community.
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Correctional Healthcare

Our goal is to ensure that every inmate receives clinically driven, quality health care services that are based upon best practices and within the scope of the Nevada Board of Medical Examiners, while meeting current goals, standards, and trends in the healthcare industry as established by the National Commission on Correctional Care (NCCHC), Federal, and State guidelines. Our core values, established since the day we opened for business, remain the same. We have a proven record of exceptional service to our patients. We stand accountable for both positive, and negative outcomes with the ability to make quick changes as deemed necessary in order to ensure the safety of inmates and to protect our staff, deputies, and facilities. We focus on building collaborative teams that are innovative, with the ultimate goal of benefitting our Nevada counties and inmates, while improving on patient care and outcomes. We believe in working with community outreach and community based programs that help each individual under our care meet their own personal goals.

Home Health Care

Under our sister company, we have served our community for many years by providing much needed home based, medical care. As a top notch Home Health provider, our focus is the exceptional care of our patients. Our agency strives to provide medically necessary quality services with integrity and responsibility.

All of our services are provided under the supervision of a registered nurse and a physician.

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Therapy Services

Our group has tremendous experience managing therapy services. Under our sister companies, we provide a range of therapies to include Physical, Occupational, Speech, and Infusion therapies. We work with most payers to bring these services to individuals across the state.


Our services include Private Duty Nursing Care for individuals in need of a higher level of care outside a facility type setting.

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Medical Equipment & Supplies

We have made buying, renting or leasing durable medical equipment easy. With a wealth of specialty medical products at your fingertips, we are the one-stop shop for all your medical equipment needs.


We work in tandem with several pharmaceutical companies to provide our group with a variety of options when it comes to medications.

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